• When moving to the Republic of Serbia foreign citizens have the right to import their household belongings after declaring them and paying applicable import duties

If the household items are delivered by passenger vehicle and their value does not exceed 3,000 euros (in dinar equivalent), the customs procedure can be carried out at the border, with the application of a single customs rate (10% plus VAT), with the attachment of a list of the household items to be imported (in two copies, with the specified type and quantity of goods) and without submitting a customs declaration.

More detailed information regarding the implementation of the appropriate customs procedure for goods (including household items) transported by passenger vehicle is available HERE under the subtitle ''Customs clearance in passenger traffic''.

If the household items are transported by cargo vehicle (e.g. cargo van, truck...), the customs procedure is carried out at the competent customs office, by submitting a customs declaration.

Each person - a participant in the customs procedure can decide to appoint a customs representative (forwarder) that he can also consult regarding the implementation of the procedure. The authorized customs representative will then submit the necessary documentation to the customs authority on behalf of that person (customs declaration - JCI and related documentation necessary for the proper application of regulations). The choice of a specific customs representative is the free choice of the party in the proceedings.


  • Foreign citizens that have obtained citizenship or asylum, i.e. approval for permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia, have the right to be exempted from paying import duties on items for their household, except for motor vehicles, within one year from the date of obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. obtaining asylum or approval of permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia

More detailed information regarding the implementation of the appropriate customs procedure in this case can be found HERE (specifically: point 3 of the document)


  • Foreign citizens that have an approved temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia and are engaged in performing a specific job in our country (which means that they have a suitable employment contract), in accordance with the presently valid regulations, may temporarily import items for household needs (including personal motor vehicle), with full exemption from import duties

If all conditions are met, competent customs authority will grant temporary import with exemption from payment of import duties for household items (and personal motor vehicle) to these persons during the period needed for their engagement on a specific work in our country.

Last updated: 2024-04-16 14:38:33